Co-Directed Avalon, which had its world premiere in sculptor Peter Beerits’ multi-acre woodland art installation (Nervous nellies), in collaboration with Opera House Arts. ​​​ Written by melody Bates.

*News about Avalon in The Press Herald

Performed in Octopus’s Garden by Aristides Vargas and translated by Aurora Lauzardo Ugarte. Directed by Javier Antonio González. A Caborca production performed at target Margin.

Appeared in The New Neighborhood’s Season 2 (Coming Soon) “The New Neighborhood” is a mockumentary web series exploring what it means to be a New Yorker. The series was created by Peter Romano, with most of the cast and crew comprised of graduates from Columbia University’s Graduate Theatre program. 

A tragicomedy about the unfelt. A One-Eighth production. Part of New Ohio Theater’s Archive Residencies. Produced by New Ohio Theater, IRT Theatre, Tres Brujas, and One-Eighth.

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