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Caborca presents OCTOPUS’S GARDEN, the first English language translation of Argentinian playwright Arístides Vargas’s seminal work of Latin American political theatre, Jardín de pulpos, translated by Aurora Lauzardo Ugarte. Javier Antonio González directs this visionary production infused with original compositions by Puerto Rican composer and ethnomusicologist Pílli Aponte.

A man enlists the town madwoman to help him recover his memory at the seashore. He encounters the ghosts of his ancestors emerging from the rupture of authoritarian violence, inviting him to dream again.

JULY 12-21

Playing at:
TARGET MARGIN THEATRE – 232 52nd St. Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY 11220

$25 for general admission 
$18 for students, seniors, and artists


Produced by Yaremis Félix and Jenny Tibbels

Directed by Javier Antonio González

Lighting design by Jeanette Yew

Scenic design by Jian Jung

Sound design by Keenan Hurley

Stage managed by Alejandra Maldonado Morales*

Assistant to the director Christian J. Felix

Starring: Brooke Bell*, Laura Butler Rivera*, Yan Collazo, Yaraní Del Valle Piñero, Tania Molina*, David Skeist*, and Pedro Tormes.

(*appear courtesy of Actors Equity)

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