Numbness brochure -Mouthgasm Chapter 1

Numbness: Part 2

One-Eighth theater’s production as part of the Archive residency, with New Ohio theater and IRT Theatre.

first showing June 27th- 30th at the New Ohio Theater, part of the 25th anniversary Ice Factory.

get your tickets now at: Numbness at Ice factory



The Entitlement  Premiered at the Manhattan Film Festival, Written and directed by Javier Antonio Gonzalez. Winner of the best Feature Screenplay and Best Crime Drama.


Manzana, short film

Manzana,    screening May 23rd at Cheers Terrace (Premiered at the Inwood Film Festival). Story by Laura Butler Rivera. Written by Michael Mullen and Laura Butler Rivera. Produced and filmed by BlackBox Productions NYC

La Metamorfosis, adapted from Kafka’s Metamorphosis written by Elia Chuaqui’s. Directed the playwrighting thesis at Fordham College, Lincoln Center .

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