The Vote. A 10-minute play, written by Laura Butler Rivera. Part of the full production Thank You For Coming, produced by ATH’s Theatre 21 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

La Metamorfosis. Written by Elia Chaqui. A Fordham College Lincoln Center playwright’s thesis.

Dark Eyes. Written by Rachel Kodweis. Presented by Cloud of Fools at Access Theater.

Paroxysm of Film Noir. Written by Alex Defazio. Text by Laura Butler Rivera. with Choreography by Deniz Atli. A Platform Dance Theater presentation.

Assistant Director for

Numbness Chapter 2. Part of the Archive Residency at The New Ohio Theatre. Sylvia Bofill’s play Black Water, and an intermezzo by Robert Lyons called Yovo.

The Maids, an adaptation of Jean Genet’s The Maids by José Rivera. Directed by Daniel Irizarry. Produced by INTAR Theatre and One-Eighth.

Gençlik Konseri (A Night of Musicals), Directed by Jason Hale with invited musical conductor Phil Reno. In Ankara, Turkey, Bilkent University

Teach, Teacher, Teachest,  a One-Eighth production in progress. Written by David Koteles. Directed by Daniel Irizarry.

UBU, King of the Great Expanding Universe, a One-Eighth Production. Written by Adam Szymkowicz. Directed by Daniel Irizarry.

Cho H Cho, A One-Eighth Production. Conceptualized and created by Daniel Irizarry and myself. Directed by Daniel Irizarry.

La Ronde, A Columbia University Production. Directed by Ulla Wolcz

The Proposal, A One-Eighth Production. Written by Seth Powers. Directed by Daniel Irizarry

  Choreographed Movement for

All That Dies And Rises, produced by M-34 and Cloud Of Fools. directed by James Rutherford

Hymn To Life (In process) written by Timothy Donnelly. Produced by M-34. Directed by James Rutherford. Music by David Skeist

Movement coach for

Love’s Labour’s Lost, A Columbia university production. Directed by Andrei Serban.

The Whistling Mortician, A Cloud Of Fools production. Directed by Jon Froehlich.

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