“Laura Butler Rivera plays everything from rebel to sultry mistress, transforming herself so completely you are surprised at her every entrance.” – Sarah Downs, for Distant Star, The Front Row Center

“That’s because the cast of three artists, all from the physical theatre company One Eighth Theater, are so engaging to watch. Michael Leonard, Daniel Irizarry (who directed) and Laura Butler Rivera are simply luminous.”nytheaternow, David Lally

“Laura Butler Rivera as the Student displays astounding talent as a comedienne in the grand tradition.”  -NYtheaterbuyingguide, Ronald Gross

“Laura Butler Rivera, who beautifully captures the ambivalence Marisol feels when she realizes, as the audience has known since first being introduced to her uninhabitable world, that she has been defeated.”  –The New York Times, Catherine Rampbell for so go the ghosts of México, Part 1

“Ms. Butler exquisitely captures Mari’s bravery and uncertainty, all-consuming hope and the fear that accompanies it. She’s a heroine we believe in, and one that does justice to Ms. Garcia’s story.” Show Business weekly, Sarah Lucie for so go the ghosts of México, Part 1

“Laura Butler Rivera captures Mari’s youth and femininity”, Julie Congress for so go the ghosts of México, Part 1-

“The extremely talented Laura Butler Rivera plays young Mari, who has just inherited the title of the dead police chief.”    Exeunt, Erica Cheung for so go the  ghosts of México, Part 1-

“Laura Butler Rivera (Joan), who doubles as assistant director, looks like a young Imogene Coco and gives an equally impressive performance.”, Cate Cammarata review for Cho H Cho-

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